02 Jul 2020

U.S. Poultry producers appeal for government financial support


Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. (DPI) has appealed to congress, urging them to provide financial relief to all the chicken farmers and producers, that have seen their revenues get directly affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

In a joint letter signed by DPI and 11 other state poultry associations, they address that the challenges faced by family farmers who raise chickens are include serious setbacks on bird placements to family farms.

According to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), between April 2019-2020 there has been a 6 percent decline in both broiler-type chicks hatched, as well as in hatching eggs placed in hatchery incubators.

James Fisher, a spokesman from DPI explains what those statistics demonstrate.

“The chicken flocks that they [the farmers] rely on for their income may be fewer this year than they would normally expect, they might have longer layout times in between when they get flocks and that’s sort of an unanticipated drop in their revenue that that they had no way to see coming when they started budgeting for their farm,” said Fisher. He also reassures that this is by no means a money-grab by the farmers.

“Growers would need to demonstrate through paperwork that they definitely didn’t get the income they were expecting and the bill as we envision it would compensate them for some but not make them whole for all of that lost income,” said Fisher. “This isn’t a get rich quick scheme that we’re trying to foist on Congress, but we just want a little help.”

A $16 billion aid had already been approved and passed by congress, granting assistance to farmers under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program or CFAP. However, this relief did not benefit any of the nation’s chicken producers, as eligibility was only extended to farmers involved in dairy, field crops, cattle, lambs and hogs.

Source: https://www.delawarepublic.org/post/poultry-associations-seek-federal-relief-chicken-farmers




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