17 Apr 2020

Turning fat from wastewater into energy

Poultry processing company Esbro from The Netherlands is the first to install “aeco-fat” technology. With that they turn fat from wastewater in their plant into useful biofuel.

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a technique to treat industrial wastewater with high oil and grease content. It enables removal of 50-80% without using chemicals.

Fat is part of the dry matter constituent in the sludge. Often it is considered waste, while it has high potential as an economically valuable biofuel resource.

This aeco-fat technology was developed by Nijhuis industries and applied for the first time in poultry processing by Esbro.  It is a total sludge management solution including a dissolved air flotation unit, followed by a disconnector and separation into water, liquid fat and a solid fraction.

In the Esbro processing plant, the fat fraction, is separated in such a way that it can easily be burned. Thus, Esbro is using it as energy source in its processing plant.

Apart from reduced energy expenses, also less chemicals are needed for wastewater treatment . Moreover there is less residue, resulting is less waste disposal.

By using this modern technology, Esbro is contributing to a circular economy. This is fully in line with their aim to produce in a sustainable way, as they feel a strong responsibility for the environment.




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