28 Sep 2020

The importance of R&D due to the demand in egg companies


Marcos Fava Neves

Diamond V

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Nowadays, any company competing in the food industry has to pay attention to the changes in consumer and market behavior. Based on recent projects that I had the opportunity to have interacted with with various food companies, I want to highlight two important issues in this article.

  • The first has to do with a curated list of topics and trends that food and agribusiness researchers and executives talk about, and which is also related to the meat and egg business.
  • The second objective is to come up with a list of questions that companies can use to be more demand-driven (trying to understand markets and satisfy consumers), almost as if it were routine work material.
Food markets continue to grow and consumption patterns are changing rapidly, impacting world trade. Not only Asian countries, but also the importance of African and Middle Eastern countries are growing rapidly.

innovation plus development in eggsDirect Sales to the Consumer

The so-called “Farm to Markets” or direct sales channels from poultry farmers to consumers (“Direct Sales to consumers”) are growing and represent an important opportunity for the creation of value for poultry farmers as individuals or organizations of poultry farmers.

Kilometer 0 Food

Locally produced foods are gaining value among consumers and represent an opportunity for differentiation, using origins, labels, stamps and identification for retailers. Be on the lookout for the “buy local” movement to capture opportunities and the tendency to meet your farmer (where was my food produced and by whom?), Building urban consumer links with rural life.

The question of gathering all the volume of data, the great data revolution into relevant information for farmers and food companies will represent an ocean of investment and opportunity in food production chains.

The new model of agriculture and food production will require the so-called “smart farming”, applying various technologies in order to increase food output while exhausting fewer resources and leaving the maximum possible benefit through efficiency gains. The merger of some markets (food, pharmacy, cosmetics, medicine) requires a convergence of players involved in the food industry and a growing need for innovation to continue competing in the market, increasing the focus towards large food companies.

The gaps are increasing between good and medium-sized companies, individuals, economies and the strategies they will try to include, increasing the participation of smaller producers in the chain. This allows for the latter to receive much more attention from consumers and the media. The growing food business will require many talented people and this resource will become a challenge for companies in the food chains

The value of labeling

sale of eggs to the consumerThe importance of the label as a source of information, transparency and science is increasing in parallel alongside consumer awareness in the digital world. The new generation, much more connected and social, wants to know the story behind the brand, the meaning and the commitment of the company. The web can be used as a source for collecting more information about a product, inviting consumers to continue acquiring knowledge. Increasing efforts towards consumer education on said labels, in some cases even anticipating future regulations that the industry will face (information needs), all the while taking care to avoid misinformation as well as excess information;

Growing consumer interest in knowledge of cooking, gourmet kitchens, utensils, home cooking, and specialty foods is prompting food companies and retailers to offer more information on “how to cook” and a product line linked to freshness, diversity, health, fun and social;

Opportunities to have clear and transparent projects with influential consumers, as well as the university, associations, scientists and others and advertise it in the company’s offer; In new product developments, there are snack concept opportunities that cover nutrition, convenience and portability with different needs depending on the time of day the product will be consumed (“on the go” foods);






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