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Reducing dips in yield and quality of chickens in pre-slaughter phase

During the rearing and fattening stages of chickens, technical monitoring must guarantee the final objectives at all times. However, a lack of control at pre-slaughter phase could reduce the yield and impairs quality of the final product. Fasting, catching and transportation are some of the critical points prior the slaughter. Look at here how these factors can affect the processing of birds. →

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Be prepared to prevent heat stress in layers

With hot weather heading in the northern hemisphere, it’s time for layer operations to make sure they’re prepared to prevent heat stress. Best-case scenario: We prevent hens from overheating. Worst case: Layers are heat stressed, leading to significant welfare and performance problems. →

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Feather development and integrity in broiler breeders

Feathers are a fundamental body part for birds, with varying functions such as protection, insulation, sexual display and flight. In […] →

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