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The 4 key benefits of optimal layer lighting

Lighting conditions are an essential element of the general environment in layer houses. Laying hens see differently than humans. This means that the lighting conditions must be adjusted accordingly. Optimal lighting conditions increase the vision of the layers and improve their behavior, welfare and performance. Now, how is this in practice? Let’s dive into the 4 key benefits of optimal layer lighting. →

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Is the feeder space important for broilers behavior?

In an industry where the nutrition represents about 70% of total production cost, it should be important to question, does the feeder space affect the behavior of broilers? If so, how much space should be provided to ensure animal welfare? “It has been described that Insufficient feeder space may cause competition, aggression, and frustration among hens and downgrade their well-being, while excessive feeder space leads to inefficient resource utilization for hens” →

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The direction of poultry welfare: layers

Layer production receives a lot of consideration by groups interested in animal welfare due to the cage systems, the high productivity of these birds, and other management practices not well understood and consequently not accepted. →

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