Animal Nutrition


Impact of nutrition on current chicken carcass problems

Technological advances in poultry production has led to, as unwanted side effects, diverse types of chicken carcass related problems. This […] →

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Why arginine is important for broilers

Arginine is known to be involved in several physiological functions like growth and immunity due to its capacity to act as a substrate for nitric oxide, creatine, ornithine, glutamine, and some other molecules. Because chickens are uricotelic animals, they are unable to obtain endogenous arginine. Therefore, chickens rely on the amino acid content of the feedstuffs to supply the arginine requirements. →

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Nutrition of layer hens and its impact on egg quality

When it comes to medium-sized layers, the key nutritional factors to consider are Met + Cys levels, ALA (linoleic acid), […] →

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