07 May 2021

Saudi Arabia suspends 11 Brazilian poultry exporting plants


Priscila Beck

Diamond V

Content available in: Português (Portuguese (Brazil))

Saudi Arabia has suspended 11 Brazilian poultry plants that were exporting to that country. The information was confirmed in a new list of Brazilian plants authorized to export, published on Thursday (6/5) by the SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority), which excludes the previously allowed facilities.

According to a note from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Brazilian government received the Saudi Arabian decision with surprise and dismay. The report issued on Thursday night also informs that there has been no previous contactwith the Saudi authorities, nor the presentation of motivations or justifications to support the suspensions.

“So far, only Brazil has been updated on the list of poultry meat exporters”, informs the joint note of the Ministries.

The document reiterates the high standards of quality and health followed by the entire chain of products of Brazilian animal origin, ensured by rigorous inspections by the official veterinary service. “There is confidence that all health requirements established by destination markets are fully met”.

The Brazilian government initiated contacts with the authorities of Saudi Arabia and that country’s embassy in Brasilia to seek to clarify the episode. “All bilateral and multilateral channels will be employed with a view to the prompt resolution of the issue”, the note adds.

If an undue barrier to trade is proven, Brazil may take the case to the WTO. Saudi Arabia is the second largest importer of Brazilian chicken meat among the Arab countries, having imported 41.1 thousand tons in March (+ 4%) and 120.8 thousand tons from January to March 2021 (+ 8.5% ).

According to a report by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)






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