26 Jun 2021

Recommendations to maintain adequate reproduction in birds

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What can we do to maintain an adequate level of reproduction in birds?

Breeding farms must be built and equipped in a way that does not cause harm, stress, pain, or alter their behavior.

a) The needs of the animals must be taken into account to install the equipment in terms of height, access, comfort, etc.

b) The perimeter, if it is contemplated that they have access to the outside, must be clearly delimited and, as far as possible, protected and visible to the animals.

c) Sharp projections and equipment that can cause harm to birds should be avoided.

d) The facilities and equipment must be made of material that is easy to clean and disinfect, especially the nests, and must be recognized as such by the animals.

e) If litters are used, they must be kept in acceptable humidity conditions and must not contain foreign material that could cause harm to the birds. The litter should be deep enough for the birds to perform their pecking and scratching behaviors without reaching the ground.

g) To help reduce the possibility of disease transmission, wet litters around feeders and drinkers should be controlled and removed during poultry rearing.

h) The birds should be offered diets and feeding programs that ensure adequate nutrient consumption, depending on their age and productive condition.

i) The feed supply must be an activity subject to permanent control, keeping a record of the feed they eat daily.

j) There must be a sufficient supply of






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