16 Jun 2021

Poland seeks urgent accreditation to export poultry products to Philippines


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Poland is looking for “urgent accreditation” of its poultry exporters to the Philippines, indicating that they meet the country’s meat supply requirement, especially of mechanically deboned meat (MDM) of chicken.

In a recent letter to Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Manila, Chargé d’affaires Jarosław Szczepankiewicz reiterated the intention of Polish poultry producers to be accredited as exporters by the Philippines. However, he pointed out that the inspection date of Polish poultry plants had been postponed for years, thus, “blocking the possibility of Polish export” to the Philippines.


“From our point of view, the problematic issue is the access for Polish meat products. For many years, we have been striving to enter the Filipino market with our offer in the poultry and pork sectors,” Szczepankiewicz said in a letter on June 8th.

The Polish diplomat noted that Philippine inspectors were slated to visit Poland at the end of April or beginning of May, but this has not materialized so far. Szczepankiewicz explained that there are about 31 Polish poultry meat exporters, 18 of which are producers of chicken MDM, awaiting accreditation from the Philippines.


“Once again, we kindly request the Department of Agriculture to deploy the Inspection Mission to Poland as soon as possible considering the severe shortage of raw materials for processed meats threatening the Philippines’s food security,” Szczepankiewicz said.

The Philippines, particularly the local meat processing industry, has been scrambling for raw material supply, particularly chicken MDM, as the government closed its borders to European suppliers following a series of bird flu outbreaks in their respective countries. The temporary import bans resulted in




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