16 Jun 2020

Optimum chick-storage conditions with Petersime’s new BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store

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Temperature, air flow and oxygen play key roles in keeping the day-old chicks’ environment in proper conditions. However, controlling them in a storage room is not always easy. Petersime has developed a new incubator that automatically provides the perfect chick storage environment: BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store.

Chick Storage Redefined

Sub-optimal storage conditions can adversely affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare, especially if storage times are long and transport times are prolonged after storage. To ensure that all chicks receive the same “ideal storage treatment”, we have created a new incubator: BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store.

Chicks kept in an optimal storage environment will show higher quality, better post-hatch performance and are less likely to die within the first week. At the same time, the fully controlled environment also improves your well-being.

Petersime maximizes the potential of your day-old chicks

Introducing the BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store, Petersime offers a solution that provides a fully controlled chick storage environment in any climate and hatcheries of any size.

Inside the BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store, the temperature is controlled very accurately, achieving a uniform ambient temperature that is perfect for chick storage. Another fundamental factor for storage, in addition to temperature, is air flow. BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store distributes air evenly over the chick box cart rows and chick boxes inside the incubator. Excess moisture and CO₂ are removed through the air vents.

A lower chick mortality rate, higher overall quality, and excellent performance later in life are concrete examples of what the BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store can do for your business. In addition, our new incubator offers many more advantages, such as:

  • Greater flexibility in managing chick storage, for example, when chicks need to be stored for overnight shipping.
  • A fully automated process, thanks to specific incubation programs.
  • Easy and comprehensive monitoring with historical data analysis.

Need more information? Get in touch with your Petersime contact person to discuss how BioStreamer ™ Chick-Store can benefit your business.






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