29 Jun 2020

Mental Map: Effective Management Strategy in the chicken business

matadero mapa mental indústria do frango

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The broiler industry is very dynamic and extremely sensitive to the environment that surrounds it during different production stages; from reproduction to the commercialization of its meat, making it necessary to have a team of operators that has sufficient administrative conceptual clarity and know-how.

The group with the above mentioned characteristics will be responsible for monitoring all the small details in real time, in order to take the pertinent actions so that the process develops as much as possible, within the parameters of:

poultry managers
It is of utmost importance that all personnel working in the pre-processing and processing areas have clearly defined all the special situations that may affect them.


Definition & elaboration of a mental map

In practical terms, a mental map can be defined as the complete conceptual and operational dimensioning of the work area that has been assigned to each of the people who direct the different activities during the pre-task and the processing of the birds. In order to better explain the concept of mental map, some basic topics are mentioned in the administrative and technical areas.

Processing plant

The processing plant is like a forensic medicine room, where all the wrong actions that the birds experienced during their capture, caging, loading onto the trucks and transported to the plant are detected, in addition to the specific aspects that affected their quality of life, and high degree of safety and good performance parameters.

Points to consider during processing

1.- Fasting processing plants

The manager of the pre-slaughter holding area, which is located near the chicken hanging area on the slaughter overhead belt, must periodically check for the appearance of fecal matter. If some orange-colored residues are detected in the faeces, it means that the birds are emptying the internal layers of their intestines – as a result of the prolonged dehydration they have been experiencing – so the person responsible for the evisceration section should be contacted. to notify all staff that the chickens about to arrive will have special characteristics in the following organs:




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