11 Jun 2021

JBS USA paid $11 million in ransom for Cyberattack



Priscila Beck

Diamond V

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JBS USA confirmed last Wednesday (6/9) that it had paid the equivalent of US$ 11 million in ransom in response to the cyberattack against its operations that took place on May 30th. In a note published on the company’s website in the United States, it states that at the time of payment, the vast majority of its facilities were operational.

In consultation with in-house IT professionals and third-party cybersecurity experts, the company made the decision to mitigate any unforeseen issues related to the attack and ensure that no data was exfiltrated, said another way, leaked.

JBS USA has confirmed that it has paid the equivalent of $11 million in ransom in response to the cyberattack against its operations 


“It was a very difficult decision to make for our company and for me personally,” said Andre Nogueira, CEO of JBS USA. “However, we feel that this decision should be made to avoid any potential risk to our customers.”

The FBI has stated that this is one of the most specialized and sophisticated cybercriminal groups in the world. JBS USA’s ability to quickly resolve issues resulting from the attack was due to its cybersecurity protocols, redundant systems, and encrypted backup servers.

According to a note, JBS spends more than $200 million annually on Information Technology and employs more than 850 IT professionals worldwide. Also according to the company, JBS USA maintained constant communication with government officials during the incident.

Third-party forensic investigations are still ongoing and no final determination has been made. The results of the preliminary investigation confirm that no company, customer, or employee data has been compromised.






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