19 Jul 2021

Israel is expecting a shortage of fresh chicken in the upcoming days

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The Minister of Agriculture from Israel warns of fresh chicken shortage from July 18 to 25th due to the week of Eid al-Adha. Then, he recommended to purchase fresh chicken prior to the holiday. Concerns about the shortage arise from the following two holidays: the Jewish fast, Tisha Be’av, which corresponds to July 18th; and furthermore, the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, starting on July 19th. No meat processing is carried out at the Kosher slaughterhouse on Tisha Be’av, and almost all slaughterhouses nationwide on Eid al-Adha.”

The Agriculture Ministry explained that the slaughterhouses reduce their operations every year during the nine days leading up to Tisha Be’av since significant portions of the population do not eat meat during that time. However, this year, due to how close together the Tisha Be’av and Eid al-Adha fall out, the slaughterhouses are continuing to work at maximum capacity, even during their usual downtime.

He also established that shortage is not going to affect the frozen chicken and probably could be an excess of that because of the product’s long freezer life. However, the shortage of fresh chicken is expected to take only 5 days.

The supply of fresh chicken is expected to return to supermarkets on July 25.


In other recent news, the Brazilian company BRF invested around $2.5 million in Aleph Farms, an Israeli company that is one of the major and top producers of cultivated meats.

The investment underscores a drive by BRF, which is Brazil’s largest chicken processor and the world’s biggest exporter of chicken, to expand its product portfolio and venture into new markets.

In March, Aleph Farms and BRF signed an agreement to bring cultured meats to Brazil, which has one of the world’s largest commercial cattle herds and is a top exporter of beef. Under that agreement, Aleph Farms and




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