09 Mar 2020

INPROVO, the egg interprofessional, launches the initiative "People of the Egg"

Content available in: Español (Spanish)

  • “People of the Egg” presents the people who work, from the farm to the table, along the egg food chain in Spain.

Different professionals explain their work and how they apply the European production model to the different operators of the egg chain: farms, packaging centers and egg products manufacturing industries, among others. Other players in the sector will also speak: certifiers, researchers, control laboratory managers … All of them are People of the Egg. eggs The first protagonists are Francisco, a poultry farmer; Blanca, farm veterinarian; Antonio, responsible for quality of a sorting and packaging center; and Raquel, responsible for quality of an egg products company. In four short videos they explain their role in the process of production, classification and transformation of the egg. They will be joined by other professionals who perform tasks often unknown to the egg food chain (nutritionists, researchers, responsible for quality control laboratories and certifiers) who will participate in written interviews. The contents are available on the INPROVO website. Spain is one of the main egg producers in the EU, with 43.6 million laying hens , which produce 1,100 million dozens per year . The Spanish sector is a net exporter of eggs, especially to countries of the European Union, and also of Asia and Africa.




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