24 Jul 2020

India’s Muttathara residents exposed to harmful poultry waste


The health of Muttathara residents in India is at risk, due to the excess dumping of poultry waste on the NH-66 bypass road that leads to Thiruvallam. According to the residents, there has been total indifference from the responsible parties involved. Although the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has been clearing the roads and drainage of these wastes, other unknown entities have been  continuing to dump waste at the same place in the early morning hours.

Muttathara residents have been complaining of the foul smell as a direct result of these wastes, and are worried that they may be exposed to otherwise avoidable diseases, especially when living in a time when Covid-19 is a serious and frightening risk.

“The authorities did not take any action against the offenders. When we approached the mayor with a complaint, he assured swift action but nothing has happened so far,” said P. Sasidharan, a Muttathara resident. Additionally, the situation is exacerbated during times of heavy rain, as it causes the wastes to float about on the road. Besides the clear and evident health risks, it also poses a threat to motorists on the road.

The NHAI and the corporation involved are busy playing the blame game surrounding this matter. NHAI project director P. Pradeep said dumping of waste has become common practice and maintenance workers of this area were tasked to remove it. “However, after we remove it [the wast], they dump even more garbage. It has become a public nuisance. We had to mobilise several workers just for this job. The local government should take action,” he said.

Meanwhile, mayor K Sreekumar has shifted blame towards NHAI’s complacency in covering the drain. “I have been urging NHAI to cover the drains with slabs. Hence, NHAI is to be blamed for the problem.” Further adding that the corporation has made arrangements to take the poultry waste to Kochi for processing. “We also have squads to check the dumping. But above all, the drains should be covered immediately. And that is the NHAI’s responsibility,” he said.

The corporation had appointed volunteers to catch the offenders, however all efforts were halted since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/thiruvananthapuram/2020/jul/20/dumping-of-poultry-waste-puts-health-of-muttathara-residents-at-risk-2172073.html




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