27 Sep 2021

In calcium metabolism, broiler breeders and chickens form a single chain

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In calcium metabolism, broiler breeders and chickens form a single chain.

In general, companies have technical teams for breeders and chickens in different locations, with other objectives and often working as if the results had no direct connection. They tend to work together only in specific situations. Is your company not like that? Congratulations! If you have any doubts…

If we are to consider company sizes, structures often make sense. However, offline jobs and without a joint strategy mean that the best result for the company is not achieved.

The objectives of production of eggs and chicks/hen, cost of the kg of feed, and the productive efficiency factor of chickens, when they are worked separately, may not lead to the main parameter, which is the cost of the kg of chicken that reaches the slaughterhouse.

This is the true indicator that can maintain the survival of a company.

The strategy cannot be developed correctly if it does not have the participation of nutrition, the food plant, all production areas, the slaughter plant, logistics, and the commercial area.

For sure, we have many situations like the one mentioned above in companies.



An example where the joint work of all areas is essential is the nutritional strategy of using the active form of vitamin D3 to maintain adequate levels of calcium absorption and thus obtain its benefits.

Active vitamin D, due to its genomic action, acts in the production of the protein calbindin.

In turn, it acts directly on the absorption and deposition of calcium in the medullary bones, increasing the availability of the mineral for physiological processes where it acts fundamentally.

The use of the active metabolite of vitamin D3 generates benefits in the mineralization of the bones of the chicks, thus maintaining the quality of the bones during laying.

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