05 May 2021

Hatcheries in Colombia are forced to release thousands of chicks onto the road


AviNews International Team

Diamond V

Since last April 28th, in Colombia, days of protest have taken place in various areas of the country. Although the government of Iván Duque decided to withdraw the tax reform, the main reason for the demonstration, the national strike continues. Currently, the blockades are maintained on several main roads that connect the national territory, a situation that worries businessmen due to the shortage of food and fuel that is already being experienced in some cities.

One of the most serious situations would be occurring in the country’s poultry sector, producer of one of the main foods, businessmen fear that Colombians do not have access to eggs and chicken because the products are dammed in the main roads of the country, but they also fear that the animals will die of hunger in the broiler houses because the food has not been able to move either.






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