09 Mar 2020

Great success of the XIII edition of the Poultry Market of TROUW NUTRITION Spain

Content available in: Español (Spanish)

  • Full capacity in a day attended by producers, associations, media and various professionals in the Spanish and international egg sector
  • Topics such as the analysis of the international egg market, the feeding of the future and the new challenges in the management of layers, starred in the content of the Agenda of the Day.

Pablo Bernardos Hernández, deputy general manager of livestock products of the MAP was responsible for opening the day by focusing on the proximity of the Public Administration to the problems of the sector, working hard to improve and be more competitive both in the internal market and to export level

Next, Nan-Dirk Mulder, Senior Analyst – Animal Protein at RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness of Rabobank toured the “International Egg Market”, indicating that Poland and Spain were markets destined to respond to the growing demand for eggs from international level and talked about what were the future prospects for egg products and how the cage market will develop, among other topics.

Then the block dedicated to the papers on “Food of the future” in which Adriano Pérez Bonilla Global Poultry Specialist of Trouw Nutrition Innovation, Alejandro Rodriguez Navarro, Professor of Crystallography and Mineralogy at the University of Granada and Clara Alfonso Carrillo, Researcher began from Trouw Nutrition R&D who talked about the new formulation standards for chick rearing, shell quality and nutritional applications for shell quality respectively.

After the coffee, Martine Bourgeois, Poultry Technology Transfer Manager of Trouw Nutrition Canada, held an exhibition on the transition to alternative housing systems showing a real case and talking about how the experience turned out and what were the key points.

After Martine, the “layers management, new challenges” block was given, in which Malte Wolter, CEO of AB OVO (sellers Hendix Genetics in Germany and Mark Allen, Global technical service team Lohmann Tierzucht were in charge of talking about “ specific strategies for lots without peak cuts ”and on“ the transition from production without cages to outdoor exit ”respectively.

The day was closed by Pedro Sayalero, commercial director of Trouw Nutrition Spain, thanking the sponsors such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Ceva, Hendrix Genetics, Dupont, Elanco, Hipra, Zoetis, Ph Albio and Ibertec for their collaboration, participants for their assistance and highlighting the potential of a market such as egg market so important for our sector and our economy.

About Trouw Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition España SA, is the Agribusiness company dedicated to Animal Nutrition in Spain, a leader in the sector of vitamin mining premixes for the formulation of compound feed.

Belonging to the Dutch-born holding company Nutreco NV (multinational focused on animal nutrition and fish feed activities). Organizationally it develops its activities within the Animal Nutrition group and depending on the business unit (BU) Trouw Nutrition Iberia.

With more than forty years of experience in its market, Trouw Nutrition España has an extensive range of products, premixes, infant formula, piglet feed, additives, trace minerals … … covering all areas of animal production of different species: ruminants, pigs and poultry.




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