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Chicken processing is a relatively fast activity: In less than 30 minutes, a shipment can be processed and sent to the cooling zone, regardless if using water or air systems. For this reason, plant managers must hone their senses of: Observing, listening, smelling and touching, in order to have a real-time and detailed view on how the processes are progressing.

Some Everyday Situations 

Although it’s true that the senses are always at play when evaluating our surroundings, it is recommended to prioritize the tasks to be carried out when one is in the plant supervising the process. Therefore, attention should be focused on one point at a time. This increases the possibility to take in as much information as possible, evaluate them and take immediate corrective actions if need be.

  • OBSERVE : Chickens frantically flapping once hung on the air conveyor. Consequences: Their stress increases. bleeding, bruising, fractures, etc. occur.
  • LISTEN: Noise level in the environment – fans, motors. etc. Consequences: In the waiting and hanging areas, they cause stress to the birds.
  • SMELL: To determine foul odours, due to improper cleaning and disinfection of equipment and facilities. Consequences: They affect the sanitary quality of the chickens that are being processed.
  • TOUCH: Products in process to get a rough idea of surface temperature and texture.
All of the above comprise an effective routine that is carried out during broiler rearing and fattening.

This skill is achieved if one draws a mental map of each area of the plant. This requirement becomes critical whether slaughtering at speeds of 1, 2 or 3 chickens/ second. If the pertinent actions are not taken as soon as possible, the losses in quality and yield will lead to an increase in the cost per kilo of processed meat






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