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The catching of birds is a susceptible operation due to the risk of irreversibly injuring them, causing severe losses to the company due to mortality in transport, the condemnation of carcasses, and the disqualification of products at the processing plant.


Handling the bird during catching

Then, the operation deserves the maximum attention to ensure the correct handling of the bird and, therefore, the integrity of the carcass and the economic result of the business. The capture of the birds requires the simultaneous entry of 12 or more people, and many times a truck, abruptly breaking the serene routine of life of the birds: disturbing and stressing the flock.


Structuring and Guidance during operation

To mitigate its effects on the carcasses, the catch needs to be well structured and conducted. The size and quantity of harvesting teams should be based on the geographic distribution of the farms, the harvesting method, the maximum daily number of birds per team, and the time allotted to each live load.


Provide welfare to the catching team

Take care of their well-being, providing them with safe transportation, food, water, uniforms, and personal protective equipment. Treat them with dignity and respect. Pre-training and closely supervising them are fundamental but frequently overlooked prerequisites to ensure proper bird handling and job performance.


Capture Methods

Capture methods – individual, leg, or neck – impact carcass integrity in different ways. Then, based on its criteria, the company must choose the one that best protects the bird.


Peaceful capture and measures to be taken

The capture must be carried out without fuss so as not to scare the birds. When done at night, partial lighting or total darkness can be used. The perimeter around the warehouses must allow free movement and easy positioning of






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