30 Jul 2021

Cargill, Intelia partner presented a new broiler precision management tool

Cargill and Intelia have entered into a partnership to distribute Intelia’s COMPASS broiler platform in the United States and Canada in an effort to provide world-class precision solutions to broiler producers. COMPASS is a precision livestock tool designed to help broiler producers monitor, manage, model and enhance decision-making at the flock level.


“Air temperature, lighting, humidity, CO2, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and average bird weight are all extremely important factors to flock management but can be complex to manage individually,” says Robbie Moody, poultry commercial director at Cargill. “As a leader in supporting the broiler industry beyond nutrition, we’re excited to work with Intelia and offer this innovative solution to help our customers thrive.”

The COMPASS platform is fully integrated, and all data capture, data management, and artificial intelligence are connected. When applied in a broiler complex, COMPASS can help maximize bird health and well-being, operational performance, efficiency, and sustainability by turning data into useful insights, which inform bird health, nutrition, and management decisions.

Since the predictive modeling is based on actual results, the data outputs are less biased, more accurate, and provide a unique view into individual flocks’ performance, well-being, and areas for additional attention or intervention. This allows broiler producers to access reliable, real-time data, helping them make informed decisions more quickly while supporting their bottom line.

“Savings come in small increments for poultry producers, therefore, you need accurate data to consistently optimize flock management throughout the entire production period, explains Caroline Forest, chief sales and marketing officer, Intelia. “It’s this consistency based on real-time information over the production cycle that leads to an




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