06 Apr 2021

Cameroon allows to import poultry products from Brazil


AviNews International Team

Diamond V

Almost four months ago, Cameroon established temporary import bans to European and Asian countries due to the spread of avian flu. It stopped the import of day-old chicks and hatching eggs triggering a reduction in poultry production. Simultaneously, Cameroon ordered a strengthening in the health inspection on the border to keep the country free of avian flu since other countries could transmit the influenza (Germany, Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Israel, and Russia).

As an improvement in the poultry industry to develop the sector and expanding the suppliers, Dr. Taïga, the Minister of Livestock (MINEPIA), sent a letter to the Brazilian ambassador in Cameroon to communicate that Cameroon can now import poultry products from Brazil to make up for the shortage of the products. This is good news for Brazil because, according to the OIE, only countries free of influenza can export, and the rapid spread of the virus in Europe and Asia allows Latin American countries to become suppliers.


“I am honored to authorize the importation of Brazilian poultry products and by-products [into Cameroon], in strict compliance with the sanitary and zoosanitary requirements of Cameroon, Brazil and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).” Dr Taïga wrote.

The document also considers that Cameroon’s sanitary and zoosanitary requirements are a technical notice for importation issued by the ministry in charge of veterinary services. To import is necessary an animal health certificate signed and approved by the office in charge of poultry products from Brazil. Moreover, Cameroon’s Veterinary Services should be informed 24 hours before the poultry products arrived.

“Despite the authorizations of imports of products from Brazil, the delivery delays may not improve the situation in the Cameroonian poultry sector in Q2-2021. So, the prices of meat products will likely rise. Housewives are already reporting rises in the prices of poultry products”.


In the last months, the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza has led to impose import bans in several countries. The avian flu has a great impact on the poultry industry due to the loss of birds, the reduction of animals to be raised, and the strict conditions that push poultry products’ prices up.






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