16 Apr 2020

Algeria secures poultry supply during Ramadan

Sufficient poultry will be available in Algeria in order to meet the domestic demand during Ramadan. This was confirmed by the National Office for Livestock Feed (ONAB). Ramadan is the sacred period in the Islamic tradition when followers fast during the daytime until sunset. Ramadan lasts for a month. This year it will start on April 23.

According to ONAB, poultry prices are expected to remain stable during Ramadan, which is thanks to Algeria’s self-sufficiency in poultry. Moreover, the measures taken to ensure food supply due to COVID-19, are beneficial.

Algeria blocked exports of poultry as a measure, thus enhancing supply to the domestic market. As a result, export of 200,000 tonnes of poultry to Egypt and 600,000 hatching eggs to Libya were cancelled.

In order to deal with COVID-19, Algeria has also taken measures to have sufficient storage capacity for domestically produced food. In case of poultry, due to the closure of restaurants, the surplus was taken by ONAB to avoid losses for the farmers. Poultry will be distributed through 45 selling points across the country, thus cutting out middlemen.






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