09 Aug 2021

Avian coccidiosis course by ASPA Colombia and Alura Inc


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The Colombian Association of Avian Pathology (ASPA), in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Alura Animal Health & Nutrition, are developing the Avian Coccidiosis Course. This is a virtual program that starts on August 9th and ends on October 18.

The course is designed to have an intensity of two daily hours from Monday to Friday – 5 to 7 pm (GMT-5) and includes the participation of international speakers from different companies and universities such as Alura Inc., Iluma Alliance, the University of Georgia, the University of Antioquia among others.



General Overview of Avian Coccidiosis – Sara López Osorio

  • Taxonomic classification

  • Epidemiological importance and current context

Biology, Morphology, and Physiology – Jenny Jovana Chaparro

  • Eimeria cycle

  • Morphology and identification of species

  • Host-parasite interaction

Pathology – Chuck Hofacre & Victor Manuel Petrone

  • The link between Coccidia and Clostridium perfringens
  • Coccidiosis and dysbacteriosis
  • Pathogenicity
  • Pathology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Macroscopic evaluation and microscores lesions

Immunology –  Luis Miguel Gómez Osorio

  • Maternal Immunity
  • Innate Immune Response
  • Acquired Immune Response
  • Vaccines

Chemotherapy and Treatments – Kevin Watkins & Carolina Mesa Pineda

  • Ionophores, synthetics, and vaccines
  • Diagnosis and monitoring disease on the field
  • Rotation programs
  • Natural control of Coccidiosis

Study Techniques and Diagnostic of Coccidiosis – Sara López Osorio & Tom K. Jeffers

  • Oocyst count technique (OPG)
  • Purification and sporulation of oocyst
  • Intestinal smear
  • Litter score
  • History of anticoccidials
  • Resistance development and field assessments

Economic Impact of Coccidiosis – Luis Miguel Gómez Osorio

  • Estimation of Coccidiosis economic impact in the flocks

Practical Training –  Sara López Osorio & Jenny Jovana Chaparro

  • Intestinal lesions, morphological characterization, and count of oocyst

Microbiome –  Anne Ballou

  • Coccidiosis and its impact in Microbiome

Nutrition and Coccidiosis – Todd Applegate & Maria del Pilar Tavera

  • Causes and consequences of the nutrition in Coccidiosis
  • Nutritional strategies to modulate it
  • Effect of Coccidiosis on meat and yolk pigmentation





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