14 May 2021

Aviagen Latin America Webinar: Will Feature Best Practices for Good Incubation Performance



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Aviagen Incubation Specialist Aline Kunze will talk about ways to maintain optimal hatching levels and good chick quality

On May 19, poultry genetics company Aviagen® will welcome customers to a webinar designed to help them achieve the best results during the egg incubation period. Aviagen Incubation Specialist Aline Kuntze will engage with them on ways to maintain optimal hatching levels and good chick quality. This webinar marks the seventh in a special series for Latin America, and will explore optimal practices to manage the hatchery and strengthen good results.


“Aviagen is committed to the success of our customers throughout Latin America, and key to this success is to grow chickens with strong livability, high meat yield, a healthy daily weight gain and good feed conversion. To achieve these extraordinary results, producers must take special care of the bird at all stages, beginning with the developing embryo during incubation,” explained Kuntze.

She went on to say that the incubation goal is to transform fertile eggs into “very high-quality chicks that will turn into high-performance chickens with excellent health and welfare.”

How to register for the webinar

This year, webinars continue to be held every Wednesday in Spanish. Customers interested in participating may register can click here.

Registration is limited and will be closed 60 minutes before the start of the session. Meetings will take place






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