24 Mar 2021

Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada: May 10-14, 2021


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Diamond V

From May 10th to 14th, the fifth Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada (ANCC) will take place under the theme “Feeding the Future: Precision Nutrition for Tomorrow’s Animal.” It will be a virtual conference hosted by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC), the national trade association for Canada’s feed industry.


Although it is scheduled as a virtual event, attendants’ experience would be similar to an in-person event. There will be different areas for networking, promotions, and information-sharing throughout the conference. The presentations will be simultaneous and offered in English and French.

The organizing committee presents the following 6 reasons to attend:

  1. Canadian national conference focused on animal nutrition.
  2. Network with over 250 nutritionists and animal feed specialists from industry, academia, and government.
  3. Presentations from widely respected researchers and experts in the field to be viewed live or on-demand.
  4. Monogastric and ruminant sessions.
  5. Exhibit hall of industry partners and suppliers.
  6. Showcase of Canadian graduate student research in animal nutrition.

Additionally, the students can participate and obtain these benefits:

  1. Post the CV or resume on the virtual event platform.
  2. Take advantage of networking to meet industry leaders and participate in a career panel discussion.
  3. Learn and update the recent developments in animal nutrition.
  4. Apply for the Annual ANAC Scholarship.

Details of the program:

On May 10, Jefo Nutrition Inc. will sponsor the pre-conference symposium, talking about precision intestinal nutrition with different speakers such as: Dr. Elizabeth Santin, Dr. Mike Kogut, Dr. Doug Korver, and Dr. Ryan Arsenault.

Starting on May 11, the conferences will be related to mechanistic models in precision of dairy nutrition, biomarkers of enteric methanogenesis in cattle, lighting programs for broilers, and strategies to replace Zinc for preventing diarrhea in piglets. From May 12 to 14, the ANCC would have independent sessions for ruminants and poultry.

The registration has the following cost:

  • General admission or non-members: $120
  • ANAC members, University Faculty and Government: $80
  • University Students: $25

Source: Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada






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