19 Feb 2021

American poultry and egg exports set new records during 2020


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Diamond V

Although the global industry had a tremendous impact due to the coronavirus pandemic’s closures, the exports of poultry and eggs from the United States broke new records in important markets.

The U.S Department of Agriculture revealed in its last trade report that exports to China, Mexico, and Taiwan increased in 2020, reaching historical highs. The value of broiler exports to China, the volume of broiler exports to Mexico, and both the value and volume of broiler exports to Taiwan were the most important exporting traits last year.

In the past five years, political issues led to the closure of the Chinese market to U.S. products. The opening in late December 2019 and the tariff exemption in spring 2020 allowed operating at full efficiency early last year. Consequently, two months before the end of the year, the U.S. was consolidated as the biggest supplier of chicken to China in the world. This supply represented US$ 731.9 million and 20.6% of the poultry U.S. exports.

Jim Summer, president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) said:

“Last year was one of the most challenging our industry has faced…While retail sales were good, foodservice sales were down, so it was especially important that exports be strong and provide a solid base for our industry, which they did. The reopening of the China market could not have come at a better time for our industry. With so many of our other markets suffering disruptions similar to what we experienced in the U.S., our ability to deliver and even increase our exports made an important difference.”

Mexico received 19.6% of U.S. broiler products with 700,000 metric tons, while Taiwan reported 240,757 metric tons worth US$219 million.

On the other hand, egg exports also showed an increase of 9.3% from 2019. Both table eggs and egg products in shell egg equivalent resulted in 292.7 million dozen. The Turkey industry remains relatively steady despite the lower production in 2020. However, the reduced international demand could decline the exports by 10 million pounds during the first quarter of 2021 and 5 million pounds during the second quarter, according to the USDA’s adjusted turkey forecast.






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