21 May 2020

A look at one of the most important nutrients: Water



Jose Luis Valls

Diamond V

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By Jose Luis Valls García

Water consumption of birds is influenced by many factors, which can be cumulative, such as: water quality, feed type , water temperature, temperature and humidity in the house, etc.

An increase or decrease in daily water consumption is the first indicator that something is happening with the birds’ behavior.

Therefore, daily recording of water consumption in the houses is essential to anticipate what may happen.

As an approximate reminder, with every + 1ºC  increase inside the house after 23ºC , water consumption increases by 6%.

Graph 1 shows the water consumption according to the temperature and age of the birds (Ross manual).

Graph 1. Water consumption according to temperature and age

High water consumption will cause the moisture content of the stool to increase excessively.

This excess will eventually increase the moisture content of the litter in birds reared on floor systems.

“Water consumption is a great indicator of the state of the birds”

Periodic analysis of water is necessary in any breeding of birds, since this determines whether it is necessary to establish a special treatment, and what type of treatment or combination of them is necessary to use. It should be remembered when using well water, that depending on the time of year the quality of the water can vary a lot. The regulations in force establishing the sanitary criteria for water quality for poultry farms are the same as for human consumption and are established in Royal Decree 140/2003, of February 7.

Table 1. Main chemical standards of drinking water and consequences of their actions when deviating from the right standards.






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